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IChTo 2018

International Chemistry Tournament (IChTo) is a team competition in solving complicated scientific problems, presenting solutions of these problems and defending them in scientific discussions.The aims of IChTo are promoting students' interest in science, popularization of chemistry, teamwork training and development of presentation skills.The working language of IChTo is English. Teams have the right for an interpreter within the set time limits. Each team consists of 4–6 schoolchildren representing one country ( ).

IChTo has been performed during several years in Moscow University but from 2017 it is held as international competition.


Ariaian Young Innovative Minds Institute is the representative of this tournament from 2018 and those who are willing to be as our team members are invited to take part in AYIMI workshop which is held according to the following schedule (in Farsi).




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11th PYPT

11th PYPT is according to our new rules . All who are going to take part should send two solved problems selected from 17 IYPT problems. Those problems with complete approach and procedures , experiments and results are eligible to be in the list of PYPT 2018 . Then participants will be invited to present their problems according to the schedule . The best 30 participants will compete with each other according to IYPT regulations . The best participant will be awarded as scholarship to take part in IYPT 2018. All details in Farsi page. 


The International Conference on Women in Physics (ICWIP) is a unique triannual event that brings together women and men in physics from all over the world to discuss the latest research in physics as well as gender and diversity issues in the physics community.The proportion of women in physics remains low (typically 20%) all around the world. Recognizing this issue, the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP) has tasked its Working Group on Women in Physics to organize the ICWIP conferences in order to build a more inclusive physics community. The 6th ICWIP conference was hosted by IUPAP and IOP at the University of Birmingham, UK.  

Dr. Igle Gledhill, Chair of the International Organizing Committee, welcomed delegates to the conference, reminding the participants that women’s voices are critically important now more than ever, and urging everyone to ‘keep thinking while it is still legal’.Representatives from each country presented a brief summary and a poster on the current status of women in physics in their country. Delegates also attended interactive workshops on education, gender studies, professional development, cultural bias and workplace improvement.One of the highlights of the conference was an inspiring and informative lecture by Professor Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell, who was awarded the President’s Medal of the Institute of Physics. She spoke of her painstaking analysis of more than 5km of pages of telescope observations that led her to discover the first pulsars.  





Iran team members achieved 2 Gold and 5 Bronze Medals  in 24th ICYS , was held in Stuttgart, Germany.

Hanieh Hosseinzadeh Gold and Bronze Medal

Mahsa Dehghanmanshadi Gold Medal

Kamyar Karimi Fakhr Bronze Medal

Sara Jalili Shani Bronze Medal

Fazele Shamsabadi Bronze Medal

Dahlia Davoudi Bronze Medal

Roozbeh Salmani Certificate of attendance

Mobina Sabokrooh Certificate of attendance

Laaya Fani Certificate of attendance


AYIMI and ADIB Science & Technology Institute are going to hold a Grand Award Competition (1000 Euro) in basic sciences among high school and undergraduate students in several fields. Two different categories , scientific and artistic, are considered both in this competition. All other organisations which cooperate with us will be introduced soon.


10th PYPT was held in Kharazmi university and the best performance and documentation were awarded. It was with our new regulation to give all students the chance in presenting their solutions. Students both in English and Farsi participated in 10th PYPT from several cities . The final results are as follow: 






Two full papers one from PYPT 2016 and the other presented in ICYS 2016 were prepared by AYIMI and published in STEM Fellowship Journal  (Canadian Journal) Volume 3, Number 1, February 2017

ICYS 2016 Bronz Medal: Effect of Eggplant Skin in the Process of Apoptosis in Cancer Cells

Hoda Seraj, Fatemeh Afshari, Zahra Sadat Hashemi, Marzieh Timajchi, Ensieh Olamafar, Ladan Ghotbi

PYPT 2016: Ultra-Hydrophobic Water

Rozhina Sedigh



The 9th IPT, physics tournament among BSc and MSc students will be held in Guthenburg, Sweden, 8-13 April 2017. All details about Iran country selection will be on IRPT website soon. 


IYPT Magazine ,Vol.  June 2016, was published with two papers of students in 8th PYPT. the 1st paper is a joint work by Yasamin Masoumi (Farzanegan 1), Sina Hoveida and Pejvak Javaheri (Heli 3) and the author of the 2nd paper is Elahe Ahmadi (Farzanegan 2).


The 13th International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO-2016) will be held on December 2(Fri)-11(Sun), 2016 / 10days in Bali Indonesia.The  main theme is Science For Creative Innovation. It is hosted by  Ministry of Education and Culture, Republic of Indonesia .




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