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  • Celebrating IYL 2015 in 8th PYPT/IYPT & IPT

    We are going to celebrate the International Year of Light 2015 in 8th PYPT to get more details you may find all details in PYPT, IPT and Farsi pages. 

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  • 5th ICWIP in Canada

    The 5th Conference of IUPAP on women in physics was held in 

    Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Canada

    5-8 Aug. 2014 with 219 participants from 51 countries, 97 scientific papers,  and 49 country papers.

    AYIMI and physical society of Iran had a joint country paper . AYIMI had 3 scientific papers too. All these papers will be published in AIP proceeding too.  Professor Reza Moridi Minister of Research & Innovation was one of the honorable invited person who talked in the opening ceremony.

    Outreach activities and events organized by

    • The Laurier Centre for Women in Science
    • The Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics

    AYIMI as the IUPAP WG5 had 1 country paper and 3 scientific papers related to PYPT/IYPT problems were solved by students Yasamin Masomi, Maedeh Jannesari, Mahtab Shakibmanesh

    Media Coverage

    ISNA News


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  • AYIMI and Physical Society of Shahid beheshti University hold Physics Tournament

    AYIMI with cooperation of Physical Society of Shahid beheshti university hold the 1st physics tournament among Bsc. and Msc. students from several universities. All details are in IPT . 

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  • IYNT 2016 in Iran


    Ariaian Young Innovative Minds Institute is the host of IYNT 2016.After IYNT 2013 in Turkey and 2014 in Bulgaria now AYIMI is going to host IYNT 2016 in Iran.

    IYNT Website


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  • 16th AYPT Results

    AYPT 2014 was held in Leoben on April 23-26, 2014, and and the results are as follows:

    First place: Team of Graz 

    Second Place: Iran & Slovakia

    The first place team were awarded by AYIMI and one of the best problems will be presented in astronomy center on Thursday , May 1, 2014 then Iran team members will be awarded. 

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